GMB Case Study of RK Health Business

GMB Case Study of RK Health Business

RK Health(Ramakrishna Hospital) is one of the famous super multi speciality hospitals in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. They provide world-class healthcare services and treatment at a reasonable cost. However, they faced some challenges in reaching out to their potential patients online and increasing their visibility and reputation in the local market.

They decided to partner with Skeble, a digital marketing agency that specialists in Google My Business (GMB) optimization and management. Skeble helped R K Health (Ramakrishna Hospital) take advantage of the power of GMB to improve their online presence and patient engagement.

Business Goals:

The primary objective of RK Health was to increase its online visibility within the local community and surrounding areas. Specific goals included increasing the number of online appointments, improving the hospital's reputation, and ensuring accurate and up-to-date information across online platforms.


Skeble implemented a complete strategy to achieve RK Health's business goals through GMB optimization:

Profile Enhancement:

Skeble thoroughly updated RK Health's GMB profile, ensuring that all vital information, such as contact details, opening hours, and services offered, was correct and complete. This helped build trust among potential patients and facilitated ease of access to relevant information.

Content Strategy:

A strategic content plan was implemented, including regular posting of informative and engaging content related to healthcare trends, wellness tips, and updates about the hospital. This not only positioned RK Health as an authoritative source but also increased user engagement.

Review Management:

Skeble implemented a robust review management system to encourage satisfied patients to share their positive experiences. Responding quickly to both good and negative reviews demonstrates the hospital's dedication to patient satisfaction and transparency.

Local SEO Optimization:

Skeble used a targeted local SEO strategy to improve its search ranks. This involved optimizing keywords, ensuring consistency across online directories, and building quality local back links to boost RK Health's visibility in local search results.


Prior to partnering with Skeble and implementing the GMB strategy, RK Health faced challenges in reaching its potential patients online. The hospital's online visibility was limited, and they received 887 online interactions, including appointment bookings and inquiries, through the GMB platform.

Within just one month of Skeble's strategic GMB optimization, RK Health witnessed a remarkable transformation in its online presence. The hospital's online visibility significantly increased, resulting in a huge boost in organic visitors to its website. The GMB strategy resulted in 1,618 online interactions, including an increase in appointment bookings and inquiries through the platform.

The implementation of the GMB strategy not only doubled online interactions but also contributed to enhanced patient engagement and a positive shift in the hospital's online reputation. This impressive growth, from 887 to 1618 online interactions, highlights the effectiveness of Skeble's dedicated approach to GMB optimization in achieving RK Health's business goals.


Skeble's GMB case study for RK Health showcases the successful implementation of a digital marketing strategy in the healthcare sector. By aligning business goals with a customized approach, R K Health not only achieved increased online visibility but also solidified its reputation as a trustworthy healthcare provider in the local community. This success story highlights the value of engaging digital platforms, particularly GMB, to thrive in today's competitive business environment.

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